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Do you have 30 or more products to sell?

1. Send us the information about all devices.

2. We offer your devices to our network of around 200 refurbishers.

3. If one or more people are interested, we will suggest the best offer.


The actual purchase price can only be determined after the device has been checked.

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Offer inquiries

Send us a non-binding inquiry

Thank you for your inquiry! Please note that only requests for 30 or more identical products can be processed.


What can be sold?

You can sell any old device starting from 30 pieces at refurbed. Smartphones, tablets and MacBooks are particularly popular products. Please note that Locked devices (e.g. iCloud locked cell phones) cannot be accepted by us. ​


How will we ensure that there is no data on the devices?

The devices are all certified and data is deleted; a report can be created if necessary. ​


How does shipping work?

For large quantities, we will organize the collection of the devices. ​


Can devices be sold without a hard drive?

No, since our goal is to keep the devices in circulation, we currently only buy back complete devices.​ ​


Do I have to disclose the condition of the devices before selling them?

No, our offer is always based on fully functioning and optically perfect devices. The final price will only be communicated after the devices have been checked.

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